New arrival: as Prince William and Kate prepare to welcome their third child, here’s how to style a gender-neutral nursery

The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William are preparing for the arrival of their third child next month, and styling a nursery at their home in Kensington Palace will undoubtedly be high on their list of priorities.

It’s thought the couple have chosen to not find out the baby’s sex ahead of the birth, as they did with their other two children, so chances are they’ll pick a neutral scheme to create the perfect, peaceful sanctuary for themselves and their newborn.

But long gone are the days of exclusively blue-for-boys and pink-for-girls spaces. Gender-neutral is a hotly-debated parenting trend, led by celebrities including Paloma Faith and Pink.

And parents-to-be are following this through in their decor choices, too — opting for tasteful, neutral styles that are in keeping with the rest of their home’s interiors, and can be easily adapted in later years.

White is now the most popular kids’ bedroom colour, with nearly half (49%) of parents citing it as a dominant colour in their child’s room, ahead of blue (42%), according to a report by Airbnb and home renovations and design platform Houzz UK.

Grey (35%) is another neutral colour choice coming in ahead of pink (24%).

Close to two thirds of parents on the Houzz platform (61%) are embracing themed rooms for their children, with almost a quarter (23%) citing inspirational or educational décor as a key priority when it comes to designing their child’s room.

Animal and nature-themed rooms are the most popular (30% and 23% respectively), some of which have possibly been inspired by Prince George’s safari-inspired bedroom.

This may be the room your child keeps far beyond their toddler years so it’s worth thinking about it carefully in advance.

Get nursery decor inspiration from the gallery above, or read on for top tips from editor of Victoria Harrison on how to create your own gender-neutral nursery.

Modern nursery decor from Bee Interiors (Elina Pasok)

1. Maintain your interior style
It’s important your nursery is a space you’ll be happy to spend time in so don’t dismiss your existing home design and personal interior style.

Designing this space with an eye on the future also means you’ll have a room that will grow with your child, from the early years, through the toddler years and even into the tweens.

2. Repurpose existing pieces
Incorporating furniture and accessories from elsewhere in your home – such as rugs, cushions or a chest of drawers – can be a practical way to achieve a gender-neutral room and will also ensure the room fits in with the rest of your home.

3. Choose a versatile colour palette
There are so many options beyond the typically associated gender-neutral colours of pastel yellow and green.

Soft hues of grey and off-white can provide a versatile backdrop and both work well against fresher, brighter colours that can be added through accessories and soft furnishings.

4. Stick it up
Wall stickers and wall decals offer a quick and easy makeover solution.

There are plenty of fun and stylish designs to choose from and, with removable options also available, it’s a great solution for rented homes.

5. Add artwork
Large framed prints or posters can be a stimulating and attractive feature in a nursery space, perfect for sparking young imaginations.

Colourful, oversized maps also work well as statement wall pieces and are perfect for budding adventurers.

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