Columbia Town Council extends COVID-19 wellness buy 2 months

Molly Carter’s voice started to crack as she started out to relive her brother’s dying. Her brother, James Carter, dedicated suicide on the Fifth Road and Walnut Road municipal parking garage in Aug. 2019.

“I took a difficult drive nowadays, and for the initially time because his demise I went to the leading of the garage,” Molly claimed to the Columbia City Council. “(What) I observed felt like a punch to the tummy.”

Molly said the lack of taller boundaries tends to make it much too quick for somebody looking at hurting on their own to act on these feelings. 

Molly’s testimony arrived shortly in advance of the Columbia Town Council voted unanimously to go forward with construction ideas and requirements for tumble deterrent measures in the course of Monday’s council conference. 

The council provided $300,000 in the 2020 parking utility spending budget to investigate techniques for implementing slide safety and self-harm deterrent measures for the parking garage. The price tag will be covered by the Parking Utility Organization Fund.